Business Health Check

In law and business an eye for detail is vital. The ever increasing volume of commercial legislation, combined with the constantly changing needs of your own business, make it all too easy to overlook a potential problem or fail to maximise a useful business opportunity. Woodfines’ Legal Health Check, by its simple yet comprehensive nature, will help to prevent you doing either.

Our practical and tailored advice will not only help you to detect weaknesses in your business, and deal with them before they become a threat, it will also help to protect and increase your assets and make the most of market conditions and developments.

We have significant knowledge and experience in advising all types of businesses, from sole traders to partnerships, limited liability partnerships and companies.

Prevention or Cure?

In terms of legal proceedings, prevention is almost invariably better than cure. Ensuring your business complies with current legislation could save significant amounts of time and money, not to mention stress and potential damage to business reputation.

We will assist you by identifying potential problem areas, possibly caused as a result of inadequate, out of date or non-existent legal documentation, which if left unaddressed could lead to insufficient protection in a contractual situation, expensive litigation and court proceedings, compensation claims, fines, penalties or even prosecution.

Of course, not every eventuality can be anticipated and forestalled. Problems may arise through no fault of your own; no amount of care or planning can prevent an infringement of copyright by a competitor, or the failure of a contractor to meet his obligations. In this context, we recommend the services of our Litigation team, who provide sound guidance on the most effective remedial action, likely costs and prospects of success in any business dispute.

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