Family Solicitors

Our family law solicitors are based in Bedford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Sandy and understand that issues relating to Family Law are highly personal and sensitive. This is why we aim to deal with all matters in an understanding and compassionate manner.

Our Family Law team can meet you at any of our offices, or at another office if more convenient, providing a personal accessible service at the time you need it most. So if you need a divorce lawyer, advice on separation or child care proceedings, advice on postnuptial or prenup agreements, a wills solicitor or even help with changing your name by deed poll, please get in touch

We are members of The Law Society Family Panel and the Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates, and two of our solicitors have Children Law Accreditation

We always aim to settle matters by negotiation rather than confrontation, in accordance with the best practice guidelines of ‘Resolution’ (the solicitors' Family Law Association), and can offer both mediation and collaborative solutions in order to avoid such situations, if appropriate. 

However, this is not always possible, and should this not be the case you can be sure that you will be represented by one of the region’s leading law firms’ and whenever possible you will be represented by the same solicitor from start to finish, including representation in court.

Our Approach

No matter what the need our approach remains the same. We aim to be conciliatory but firm, practical and non-confrontational, we will approach your case with a reasoned and realistic attitude and will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will protect your interests and keep you informed at all times of our progress, together with the likely cost to you of our work.

Our approach is pragmatic and we take care to ensure that you understand any terminology or processes that might relate to your particular case. We are committed to advising you in plain English both in person and in writing.

Please email the team at one of our offices on:

Woodfines has acted for me before and I had every confidence in them, so I instructed them to act for me again in my recent divorce. At a time of emotional stress and uncertainty I found them very reassuring. They helped me to see the issues clearly and achieved the best possible outcome for me whilst relieving me of much stress at this difficult time. I am very grateful.
I was very satisfied with the service I received during a difficult divorce. Practical yet empathetic advice ensured I was kept up to date and in control all of the time.
I would recommend Woodfines unreservedly to anyone else going through a divorce and I would use Woodfines again should I need legal services in the future.

Our Services

We have a highly skilled team of family law solicitors spread across our four offices in Cambridge, Bedford, and Milton Keynes who are able to advise on most aspects of private client law including:


We can negotiate and prepare separation agreements whether you are married or just living together to provide financial certainty.


You will need to convince the Court that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Children and Child Care

We will explain conciliation and mediation, and represent you in Court if needed.

Assets and Finance

We can help you reach agreements on splitting assets and payment of maintenance.


We can advise on property ownership during separation.

Prenuptial Agreements 

Prenuptial or 'prenup agreements' have been given considerable judicial support and whilst not legally binding, they can be taken into account and given such weight as the court thinks is appropriate. The amount of weight given to them and whether they are followed will depend upon how it is drafted and the circumstances in which it was put into place as well as the particular circumstances that the parties present to the court at the time. We have experience in drafting complex agreements for high net worth clients.

Domestic Violence

If you have experienced personal assault or are suffering from harassment, we may be able to apply for an injunction to protect you and your family.

Recent Cases

Our team are specialists in family and matrimonial law, and often deal with unusual and/or complex cases:

John Egan acted for a Husband in divorce proceedings issued in the UK by the Wife. Both were of Indian origin and the Wife continued to reside in India.

The Husband had been poorly advised by previous solicitors so by the time that we picked up the reins, Decree Nisi had already been obtained (UK jurisdiction having already been conceded by the Husband). The Husband’s case was that they had been divorced in India, and as such that should be recognised in the UK. In fact, he had gone on and remarried and had children so the effect upon him, if the Indian divorce was not recognised was potentially catastrophic.

It was necessary to obtain agreement from the Wife that she would not apply for Decree Absolute – though in the end it was applied for and granted, which then necessitated us to apply for the DA to be rescinded which it was.

We then successfully applied for the Decree Nisi to be rescinded and for the Wife’s petition to be dismissed on the basis that there was no jurisdiction to hear the petition given that there was no marriage subsisting at the time it was issued – the parties having been divorce earlier in India.

This was an interesting case given the dual jurisdiction points and the potential impact upon the Husband's current family arrangements, and we were glad to be able to assist.