On the Road to Brexit?

The Woodfines transport team are monitoring government announcements in preparation for Brexit and what the implications may be for companies, their drivers and all those associated with haulage operations. On the 24th September 2018, the Department for Transport issued guidance concerning commercial road haulage in the EU if there is no Brexit deal.

The Department for Transport are reviewing the effect on permit arrangements when it comes to accessing the EU, registration requirements for trailers, the professional qualifications of drivers and transport managers, as well as traffic management at borders.

Still being described as a ‘scenario’ in which the UK leaves the EU without agreement (which is becoming more and more realistic), the Department for Transport guidance refers to the need to accelerate preparations. It is quite clear that, notwithstanding the introduction of legislation such as the Haulage Permits and Trailer Act 2018, the overall lack of certainty as we approach March 2019 will be causing some concern amongst logistics and haulage communities. We will continue to monitor and report on developments.

Contingency planning is important in any business, but the logistics centre is at the heart of industry so we must work to achieve a smooth transition .The link to the latest DFT report can be found here.

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