Roll on Year 2!

It’s a slightly surreal thought to think that I am now halfway through my training contract – I had never envisaged that it would go so fast!

After two back-to-back seats in company/commercial law, (and just when I was finally getting my head around the law!) I am now taking on the world of commercial property, as a second year trainee. Having had no previous experience of commercial property work, I had mixed feelings about starting my new seat. I felt excited and enthusiastic, but considering that I had not done any commercial property work since the LPC, I was slightly apprehensive about venturing into the depths of a completely new area of law.

I am assured that all trainees feel this way when they rotate. Changing seats can feel like you are starting your training contract all over again, with new colleagues, new expectations and for some, a new office – which is a pretty daunting prospect!

Most trainees are given a choice about what seat they would like to move on to next. Being a second year trainee and therefore just a little bit closer to qualification, my choice was given slightly more weight. I chose commercial property as ultimately, I would like to qualify into the commercial sector of law and think it is beneficial to cover the full suite of commercial subjects; company/commercial, commercial property and commercial litigation.

Sure, it is a scary thing to leave the comfort of work and colleagues that I am familiar with, running with files at 100mph (with supervision, of course) because you know more or less every detail – but with moving on to a new seat comes the excitement of a new challenge and new opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in an area of law I’ve always been interested in! It is certainly an adjustment when you have to apply those brakes and accept that you’re starting from zero but that is just part of the learning experience.

Moving seats is part and parcel of the training contract process. Rather than fearing the unknown, think positively about it and get stuck in, as it is the only way you will figure out what area of law you will make your own in the future!

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