Getting your Shareholders Agreement Right!

Disputes between shareholders can be very disruptive as has been demonstrated recently in the well-publicised Superdry example. In an effort to reinvigorate the company after poor sales figures and a subsequent dive in share value, Mr Dunkerton, a co-founder of the Superdry brand and shareholder of the company, asked shareholders to appoint him to the […]

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Changes to Probate Fees

The planned changes in the ironically named Non-Contentious Probate (Fees) Order have created a fair amount of contention since it was announced that the cost of administering a loved one’s estate could increase by up to 3,771%. The current cost of a Grant of Probate for an estate valued at over £5,000 is a flat […]

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Dementia and planning for the future

Getting Prepared, Just in Case…

This week is Dementia Action Week. With people living longer than ever before, many more people are being diagnosed with dementia than in previous years. With this in mind, it is important to be prepared for the future. Leaving things to chance can result in difficulties for family members and loved ones at an already tricky time, […]

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Woodfines Continue to Support Businesses to Stay on the Road

On Thursday 2nd May 2019, Woodfines Solicitors’ Transport & Regulatory team hosted their annual Spring Road Transport Conference at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, in Cambridgeshire. They were joined by over 100 members of the transport and logistics industry, from a range of local, national and international businesses. After being welcomed by Woodfines’ Head of […]

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How Woodfines can keep you on the road in four steps | Woodfines Solicitors

How Woodfines can keep you on the road in four steps

If you need your Operator Licence to run your business, it is important you ensure you are complying with the Regulations and Undertakings of the Operator Licencing Regime. To assist operators, Woodfines’ specialist Road Transport team have simplified how your business can best be protected in four simple steps to help keep you on the […]

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Workplace Accidents & an Employer's Obligations | Woodfines Solicitors

Workplace Transport and an Employer’s Obligations

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publish their data on workplace accidents every year, and being struck by a vehicle remains one of the highest causes of fatal accidents at work. Effective control measures are essential to minimise the risks from moving vehicles in the workplace, and also to avoid prosecution for breach of the […]

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