How Woodfines can keep you on the road in four steps

If you need your Operator Licence to run your business, it is important you ensure you are complying with the Regulations and Undertakings of the Operator Licencing Regime. To assist operators, Woodfines’ specialist Road Transport team have simplified how your business can best be protected in four simple steps to help keep you on the road.

  1. Operator Licence: Whether the core of your business is transport or otherwise, your Operator Licence is an integral asset which you should work to protect. Where would your business be without it? It is important that all the information held by the Central Licensing Office is up to date and correct. Generally, any changes must be notified to the Traffic Commissioner within 28 days and action can be taken against your licence if this is not done. We can review all aspects of your licence and advise you accordingly of any changes that need to be made or notified.
  1. Financial Standing: Did you know that you have to show three continuous months Financial Standing on request once your Operator Licence has been granted? Financial Standing must be shown in order to be awarded and continue to hold an Operator’s Licence. It is a continuous requirement which could lead to you losing your repute and/or Operator Licence if it is not satisfied. This can be a complex area but our team can help to simplify it for you.
  1. Maintenance: The cost of getting compliance wrong can be unlimited, it is a common theme that Operators are complying with the Operator Regime but there is no paper trail to show this. We can provide an objective analysis of you systems to ensure you are getting it right, and by reviewing your systems and current maintenance regime we can help ensure that you stay compliant. This is a common pitfall, even for the most diligent and responsible businesses.
  1. Driver Handbook: It is imperative to protect your business’ reputation by ensuring your drivers are provided with up to date and relevant information when they are out on the road. We can provide you with a bespoke driver handbook tailored to the specific needs of your business and drivers. We cannot prevent all misfortunes, but showing you have educated your driver(s) of what is expected of them will go towards protecting both you and your business.

Reviewing these four steps together can protect you and your business, keeping your Operator Licence in place and your business on the road.  For more information on any of these services, please contact Michelle O’Garro or Charlotte Hunt from our Road Transport team on

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