Office of the Traffic Commissioner urges operators to use electronic communication during COVID-19 outbreak

Over the past few weeks and even days, there have been dramatic changes to our daily lives, some of those being restrictions, but to those in the logistics industry, a relaxation of rules and regulations to be able to assist during these uncertain times. These changes have certainly shown the resilience and importance of this industry. We aim to keep you up to date with those changes as and when they happen. Some may seem minor, but could have a greater impact. The most important thing remains road safety, maintenance of vehicles and anti-competitive behaviour.

A further update was given by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner on Monday 23 March in relation to electronic communications. Due to remote working, operators are being urged to use electronic communication wherever possible such as email and online portals. Sending paper copies of documents and communications is not possible or sustainable during this time. This means that you should ensure that your email address is up to date so the Office of the Traffic Commissioner can be communicative with you where necessary, and to avoid any delays. Useful links and emails have been provided and can be found here.

Proportionality remains key, and this is an ever changing situation that will be under constant review. We will keep you updated with the latest developments. If you need assistance during this time, please get in touch at


-Michelle O’Garro