Keep your eyes on the road!

We are all on a journey right now navigating through the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The health of everyone is paramount and those providing front line health services are to be applauded. Supporting the NHS in the provision of supplies are countless companies manufacturing the equipment, plus an incredible network of logistics businesses delivering the goods to care homes and hospitals.

Deliveries are not restricted to medical supplies of course, but essential goods to our shops and homes, enabling us to fulfil our efforts in staying at home. The passenger sector (busses and taxis) are also providing, right there alongside our front line heroes, a service by conveying people to and from their key work locations and helping patients similarly. I have seen taxi companies offering free patient transport, for instance. As a transport lawyer, I thank all those involved in the supply chain who are working as part of the nationwide team in supporting us all on our journey.

The Department for Transport and the Senior Traffic Commissioner have published many updates in respect of interim operations/regulations, as well as there being deferments in respect of MOT testing. Whether you drive a car, motorcycle, van, bus or lorry you must not ‘take your eyes off the road’ and skimp on safety or compliance. Ensure you monitor and adhere to the legal requirements at all times. Above all, please keep safety at the forefront of all that you do as a driver or operator.

Guidance can be widely found on Government websites. One concerning the temporary relaxation of drivers hours can be found here.

-Mike Hayward

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