A shout out to the supply chain

If asked ‘what is the most fundamental part of a lorry’ your answer is likely to be the tractor unit or trailer. In fact, the most crucial component is the driver – and it doesn’t stop there. The driver is the front line of the logistics workforce and in essence, serves as the ambassador of the supply chain, but behind every good driver, is a team of forgotten heroes:  the warehouse and forklift operative, transport manager, route planner, H&S officer, business operator…..the list of people who are the lifeblood of our national transport infrastructure goes on.

It is essential that we give recognition to those working as links in our supply chain, helping to deliver goods and services to us in our personal and business lives.  With the explosion of home delivery, it is important to remind everyone that goods don’t just appear out of thin air, but arrive at our doors as a result of an apparently seamless process of industrial scale ‘pass the parcel’.

As a lawyer fortunate enough to advise and assist businesses and individuals in transport and logistics legal matters, I have been lucky enough to see first hand the day to day workings of the industry and the passion of those who serve it. Understanding the issues Operators regularly face and what they need to develop their business is crucial for me to give them support in protecting, preserving and promoting their company and their employees. Driver shortage, staff retention, the price of fuel and road congestion all being common themes.

As a transport lawyer, I thank all those involved in the supply chain who are working as part of the nationwide team in supporting us all on our journey.

-Mike Hayward 

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