Woodfines – Getting through the Pandemic

As is the case for all businesses, Woodfines has continued to re-assess and re-appraise its approach to the delivery of our services throughout the pandemic.

Throughout lockdown we have continued to provide a full suite of services and in doing so, delivered these effectively through remote working; innovative approaches to meetings; and compliance with the necessary requirements and restrictions.

The safety of our people, clients and contacts has been our paramount concern in this period and we have, where absolutely necessary, conducted socially distanced meetings. In the process we have preserved confidentiality, in order to deliver the services our clients have required in a safe way for all concerned.

We are now progressing into a measured and phased return to our offices, whilst maintaining remote working to promote safe operation and continuity. To further maximise our service delivery we continue to enhance our infrastructure and platforms to support long term flexible working arrangements where working from home will remain a feature.

It has been a challenging time. The dedication of our people, comradery and sheer hard work has been striking throughout. Equally, we greatly appreciate and recognise the continued loyalty and positivity of our clients and contacts alike.

At this time our focus remains in ensuring we provide a safe system of working for all, whilst maintaining and wherever possible, improving the speed and effectiveness of the service our clients seek and enjoy.

For more information on our phased return to the office contact mail@woodfines.co.uk

-Neil Gibbs

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