Woman found guilty of UK’s first e-scooter drink driving offence

We have previously written about the rollout of e-scooter trials across the United Kingdom and the laws and restrictions which apply when riding them (for more information see here.)

As set out in our article, traditional motoring offences, such as using a mobile phone whilst driving; drink and drug driving; and careless and dangerous driving also apply to users of e-scooters.

Against this backdrop, it is with interest, but perhaps not unsurprising, that prosecutions are starting to filter through the court system for such offences and it has been reported recently that a woman who was more than three times over the limit when she nearly crashed into the back of an unmarked police car has become the first person to be found guilty of drink driving while riding an e-scooter.

Her conviction comes following the start of a 12-month e-scooter scheme on the Isle of Wight, one of several trials currently underway in various locations across the UK.

The court heard that 20-year-old Kyah Jordan had been drinking double rum shots in Newport, on the Isle of Wight, before riding the public e-scooter. Despite her lawyer arguing that she was travelling so slowly (12.5mph) that she couldn’t have done any real damage, Magistrates said that e-scooters were “a motor vehicle; the same as a moped, the same as a bus” and, as such, their drivers must follow the rules of the road. She was banned from driving for two years and handed a community order of 12 months.

This case provides a stark reminder that, whilst to many using an e-scooter might seem like fun, it is essential that they are used safely and in accordance with the law. As can be seen from this case, a conviction for such an offence, together with a disqualification from driving, will undoubtedly create significant implications for the offender that will likely be felt for a considerable period of time.

Our Crime and Regulatory solicitors are able to provide expert, specialist advice in relation to e-scooters and motoring offences generally, including in relation to drink driving offences, and are stood by to provide fast and effective assistance whenever needed.

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-Nathan Taylor-Allkins 

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