‘til pandemic do us part

The pandemic has placed enormous financial pressure on households across the UK and the economy in general. Repeat lockdowns have had huge ramifications for businesses and individuals alike. One of those ramifications is the pressure placed on couples and families who are cooped up together for the duration of these lockdowns.

Studies have shown that there are usually more break-ups where families are together for extended periods of time such as school holidays or after Christmas. Lockdowns have been no exception.

Citizens Advice reported a 25% increase in the number of views on their divorce advice page compared to the same date in 2019; the number of visitors to their page having steadily risen throughout 2020.

Because of the financial hardship that many face in the form of unemployment or furlough, lower income, and closed businesses, it is easy to see how lockdowns have caused a divorce boom given that money is one of the most common causes of martial breakdowns.

Moreover, any arguments are compounded by the inability to mitigate the tension between spouses who are forced by the lockdowns to spend prolonged periods of time together.

It is predicted that this upward trend in divorce enquiries will continue into 2021 with many couples having already made the decision to divorce, but are worried about the practicality of initiating divorce proceedings while still cohabiting during lockdowns.

If you are considering getting a divorce, then one of our experts in the family team will be able to offer friendly and helpful advice.

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