Take our Highway Code Quiz!

The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales and its aim is to “promote safety on the road, whilst also supporting a healthy, sustainable and efficient transport system.” It was first published in April 1931 and has been an important supplementary guide for the proper use of the highway ever since. The Code has been subject to various updates over time and, following a public consultation, various changes were introduced on Saturday 29 January 2022.

Whilst there is no substitute for reading and understanding the changes (there are a wealth of articles already on this online), we have devised a short quiz to test your knowledge of the Highway Code and some of the recent changes introduced. This quiz works as an excellent refresher but, again, only identifies a small proportion of the rules and requirements contained within the Code and regular, specific training should be undertaken to ensure that drivers and road users are familiar with what is expected of them whilst travelling on the highway.

To take the quiz and test your knowledge. Feel free to post your score on our LinkedIn or Twitter page in the comments.





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