Is your home fit for human habitation? Woodfines Solicitors

Is your rental property fit for habitation?

Next week (Wednesday 20 March 2019), the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 comes into force. The new Act requires that any property let by a landlord (private or social) is fit for human habitation when a tenancy is granted and remains so for its duration. It covers all tenancies less than seven years […]

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Four tips for networking | Woodfines Solicitors

Four Tips to Make Networking a Less Frightening Experience

Networking is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as the process of “forming business connections and contacts through informal social meetings”. This concept often frightens young professionals and it is understandable if you are not familiar with the idea of entering a room full of individuals that you are not acquainted with. However, the skill […]

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Domestic abuse law overhaul - Woodfines Solicitors

Domestic Abuse Laws Overhaul

New measures proposed to support Domestic Abuse victims and their families In January 2019, the Government published the draft Domestic Abuse Bill in which new measures have been proposed to support Domestic Abuse victims and their families. Although there has been a delay of two years in the proposed developments and an estimated £66bn a […]

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