Historic Drivers Hours Offences | Woodfines Solicitors

Historic Driver’s Hours Offences

From 5th March 2018, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s enforcement officers were able to issue fines up to £300 for up to five driver’s hours offences committed in the previous 28 days. This is known as historic driver’s hours offences. The DVSA announced that this could mean a fine of up to £1,500 in […]

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Smart Tachographs - what you need to know | Woodfines Solicitors

Smart Tachographs – what you need to know

The transport industry has been aware since 2016 that Smart Tachographs (i.e. the new generation of on-board mandatory digital recorders to enforce the EU legislation on professional drivers driving and resting times) will be introduced in June 2019. The deadline day of 15 June 2019 is now looming and whilst it might not be the […]

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Preventing and Managing Harassment claims in the #MeToo Era | Woodfines Solicitors

Preventing and Managing Harassment Claims in the #MeToo Era

From 3rd to 5th April 2019, Woodfines’ Employment Law Consultant, Keith Corkan, attended the International Bar Association’s Annual Employment and Diversity Conference in Paris. The theme of the conference was ‘employment law in difficult times’, and here, he reports on the final session of the day, which considered harassment claims following the #MeToo movement: There […]

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Same-sex female couples, artificial insemination and parental responsibility | Woodfines Solicitors

Establishing parental responsibility following artificial insemination for female couples

It is becoming increasingly common for same-sex female couples to use intrauterine insemination (IUI), otherwise known as donor insemination, to facilitate becoming parents. Many couples will use licensed clinics to receive this treatment. According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the average cost of such treatment ranges from £350-£1,000 for just one cycle […]

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Business Start-Up Funding | Woodfines Solicitors

Growing your start-up – what types of funding are there?

You have a brilliant idea, a great strategy and have just got your fledgling business off the ground. However, you need a little investment to move your business forward; which type of investor should you choose? As Cambridge and Milton Keynes are both leading tech hubs in the UK, this scenario is not uncommon. There […]

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Inquests & the Coroner's Court | Woodfines Solicitors

Inquests & the Coroner’s Court

The Coroner’s Court is one of great antiquity. The office of Coroner was first established in 1194 AD by Article 20 of the Articles of Eyre. Originally, the duties of Coroner were to protect the Crown’s feudal interests – the Crown wanting to prevent loss of income from its Subjects. The Coroner was able to […]

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