Our highly experienced defence lawyers take pride in preserving the reputation of individuals and businesses. By vigorously challenging prosecution authorities, we aim to bring cases to a swift conclusion.

Many cases are stopped due to our early intervention at the investigation stage.

We have undertaken thousands of Police Station interviews and also aided and assisted those facing interview under caution by regulatory bodies. We have undertaken cases through the Magistrates to the High Court, and will take steps on your behalf to win your case or mitigate as strongly as we can.

For many years, our specialists undertook publicly funded defence work on behalf of the Legal Aid Agency, and were frequently acting for multiple defendants on the same day. A restructuring of the Legal Aid provision means that we are unable to continue to provide the intensive level of client support we feel is needed to meet the aims of clients facing complex and worrying accusations.

Having always offered a private defence service; we have chosen to concentrate on this arm of our department, so as to maintain a consistently high level of service and to ensure continuity of client representation by the same solicitor.

24/7 Service

Our defence team remain available 24/7 and can be pre-booked for interviews under caution at competitive rates.

We are there for you when you need us, and will provide transparent fee indications together with payment plans to help take away the financial worry when you or your business are already going through a problematic time.

Our lawyers work on a national basis. With strong links to forensic experts, road collision examiners and top Barristers and QC’s, we will ensure you don’t just have ‘equality of arms’ but a bespoke defence team, whose single aim is to achieve the outcome you seek.


Although we do not offer Legal Aid, we are open to looking into funding options with insurers or similar which may be applicable to your case.

Client Testimonials

“I would advise anybody to use Woodfines as they are very helpful and good at their job.”

“Confident, assured and calm. Nathan was very quick to key into my concerns and noted the salient points early. Desired outcome achieved by your firm having specialist knowledge in the relevant field.”

“Brilliant service, care and understanding of my needs and situation.”

“Great service from Mike and the team. I would greatly recommend their services, it was clear, precise and very approachable.”

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