Handling fraud and white collar cases requires immense skill and experience, both of which can be found in Woodfines’ Crime team.

Our solicitors possess expertise in dealing with all matters of commercial fraud, including specialist areas of fraud such as:

  • VAT fraud
  • Revenue fraud
  • Fraud committed in breach of trust
  • White collar fraud
  • All proceeds of crime, confiscation and money laundering offences.

Our lawyers regularly appear in Courts both locally and on a national basis, and have extensive experience of all fraud scenarios, including extradition matters both from the prosecution and defence perspective. We have also been involved in significant investigations involving the Office of Fair Trading.

Our strong links with the highest level of fraud barristers puts us in a leading position when it comes to defending those charged with significant fraud, money laundering and associated financial cases.

Our objective is to reduce the risk of significant penalty and custody and to ensure, in commercial cases, that the reputation of businesses remains untarnished.

Should you or your business face any form of enforcement enquiry, please contact us at the outset as early intervention is crucial.

For further details, please contact Mike Hayward on 01908 202150 or email mhayward@woodfines.co.uk

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