Dividing finances when a couple separates can be very worrying.

You may be unsure about whether you can stay in your home, whether you will need to move, and how you will pay your bills. At Woodfines, we are highly experienced in taking a straightforward approach to guide you through these issues.

We will aim to resolve matters constructively and by agreement where possible. This could be via the collaborative process, mediation, or by negotiation. If it is not possible to resolve matters by agreement, it may be necessary to seek a Financial Remedy Order from the Court.

Court can make Orders for:

  • Lump Sum – for payment of money
  • Property Adjustment – a transfer of property from joint names to one person’s sole name
  • Order for Sale – to sell a property, for example, the family home
  • Pension Sharing – to share part of one person’s pension
  • Periodical Payments – the payment of maintenance to one person.

Whilst we cannot take the pain out of your divorce and separation, we can ensure you receive the very best advice from a team of experienced and sympathetic lawyers.

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