You may have instructed a professional individual or organisation to provide a service for you, your home or your business.

They held themselves out as being experts in their field and the result of their work has failed to reach your reasonable expectations. You feel let down and you or your business may have even suffered loss or damage as a consequence of their failings.

When you brought this issue to the attention of the professional they remain unwilling to remedy your loss or to even acknowledge that you have suffered as a result of their negligence.

You may have instructed, for example:

  • accountants
  • architects
  • builders or other tradesmen
  • barristers
  • engineers
  • quantity surveyors
  • solicitors
  • surveyors (valuation and building).

We understand that careless mistakes by such individuals can cause financial losses for you.

The good news is that the law requires people acting in a professional capacity to perform to a particular standard. Should they fail to do so, causing you or your business to suffer loss or damage, our litigation team can assist you in making a claim for the compensation you are entitled to.

We offer pragmatic, straightforward and cost-effective advice right from the beginning of your case.

We realise that court proceedings are often costly, therefore we will endeavour to reach a speedy and satisfactory settlement on your behalf before such action becomes necessary.

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