Wills are very important. The financial security of you and your family can depend on the meaning of a few words.

You might feel you have been unfairly left out of a will. You might also believe that the person who made the will was no longer in a fit mental state to make a will or that they were either under a lot of pressure or for some other reason not really free to make up their own mind about what the will should say.

Sometimes a will can stand as a valid legal document but the person who made it has not been fair in carrying out their obligations to those close to them.

Sometimes the law which applies where there is no will means that, for example, some people are left with nothing at all.

On the other hand, you may have been appointed as an executor of a will and the validity of it or the provision which it makes has been challenged.

These are all situations where we can help in putting matters right for people who have not been left their proper entitlement.

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Recent Cases

  • Two adult granddaughters were being pressured to agree to vary their grandmother’s will to reduce their entitlement. Hannah Johnson represented them and successfully resisted such argument, ensuring they were paid their rightful inheritance. They commented “Throughout our contact with Hannah there was an excellent sense of thorough professional support coupled with a comforting personal connection which was reassuring in terms of approachability and friendliness”.
  • Working with a reputable DNA testing organisation, we assisted an estranged son to obtain a paternity test proving his entitlement to his father’s estate and liaised accordingly with solicitors acting for that estate to obtain payment for his client.
  • Hannah Johnson acted for a daughter who, by way of her mother’s will, was left her mother’s residential property. With the assistance of a barrister from specialist chambers, 5 Stone Buildings, a claim was pursued against the executor of the estate for transfer of that property. The executor eventually conceded her duty to undertake this transfer on the first day of the High Court listed trial. Our client rated our client care as “excellent” and said “You were always very approachable. The service you provided was excellent. You could not have done more. On the day of the court case you were there giving me all the support and encouragement you could”.
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