Woodfines’ expert traffic lawyers specialise in defending drivers who are totally dependent on retaining their driving licence for their livelihood, either because they are professional drivers or drive during the course of their business.

Our solicitors also have experience in defending cases where a driving licence is vital for domestic reasons to transport family members, including those who are unable to do so themselves through age or disability.

We can help you deal with communications from the Police, as well as Court summonses, and can also assist drivers who are liable to a mandatory minimum six month driving disqualification under the ‘totting up’ provisions where a driver accumulates twelve or more penalty points.

Our team of traffic lawyers, based in Cambridge and Milton Keynes, will assist you with all road traffic offences including the following:

  • Drink or drug driving
  • Dangerous or careless driving (including fatal accidents)
  • Speeding
  • Failure to provide driver information
  • Defective vehicles
  • Failure to stop or failure to report accident
  • Appeals against the DVLA.

Contact Us

For further advice on Road Traffic Offences, please email the Road Transport team. Alternatively, please contact our teams by telephone in Cambridge (01223 411421) or Milton Keynes (01908 202150).

“Thank you very much. I would not have kept my licence without you.”

Recent Cases


  • Mike Hayward represented a client faced with 5 speeding offences committed over 5 consecutive days. This would usually result in a minimum of 15 points and certain disqualification. Successful submissions that the consequences were disproportionate to the offences resulted in an overall reduction to 6 points. Our client’s licence was saved and his job remained intact.
  • A client represented by our motoring defence team faced certain disqualification by speeding at double the legal limit. Following the case, in which he received penalty points, the client stated: “I would not have kept my licence without you.”
  • Our client was alleged to have been speeding at over 100mph. An avid motorcycle hobbyist he faced disqualification and a minimum of six points, either way he would lose his motorcycle licence through insurance restriction. We took the matter to trial and successfully argued that the police failed to comply with their Roads Policing Enforcement Policy. The case was dropped.

Excess Alcohol

  • The team represented a man charged with driving with excess alcohol. Whilst any conviction would have led to the client losing his driving licence for two years with the consequence of him losing his employment. Our solicitor found a technical problem with the Lion Intoximeter machine used on the day in question having examined police documentation and this led to the Crown Prosecution Service having no option but to drop the charge. The client was understandably relieved with this outcome.

Careless Driving

  • Our client, a bus driver, was accused of careless driving having collided with a vehicle outside of a school. After a two day trial, the client was found not guilty when it was established through our advocacy that the accident had been caused by inconsiderate parking and those driving to drop off their school children. This led to our client maintaining his clean driving record and ability to continue working in the passenger vehicle sector.
  • Mike Hayward represented a lorry driver accused of careless driving when he was alleged to have struck a vehicle undertaking him on the left on a motorway. The vehicle was clearly in the lorry’s blind spot and representations to the Crown Prosecution Service that the case should be discontinued were successful. The case against our client in the Magistrates Court was concluded and we were successful in obtaining some of his private defence costs from Central Funds.
  • Mike Hayward acted for a lorry driver accused of careless driving in central London. These cases are prevalent in cities at present and Mike managed to convince the police to take no further action against the driver.

Driving Without the Correct Licence

  • Our client faced a heavy financial penalty and potential disqualification for driving otherwise than in accordance with a driving licence. His HGV entitlement had expired without his knowledge and when stopped by the police he was found not to have the correct licence and was charged. We took the matter to trial and following a legal argument with the prosecution, the case was dropped. We used our extensive experience in both general motoring matters and specialist heavy goods vehicle case knowledge to mount the necessary argument.
  • Mike Hayward was instructed by a HGV driver with 35 years of experience. He was accused of failing to have the correct driving licence after his vocational licence had been revoked on medical grounds. In application for the case to be withdrawn on the basis that an ongoing dispute with the DVLA Medical Unit regarding his vocational driving entitlement meant that it was not in the public interest for him to face criminal prosecution. The case was subsequently withdrawn before the Court ensuring that our client maintained his unblemished driving history.

Dangerous Driving

  • Mike Hayward represented a man with a clean driving record accused initially with dangerous driving, then careless driving. The case involved a pursuit but the nature of the driving and the reasons for it became subject of a trial. Our client was found not guilty and a Defence Costs Order was granted so that he could recover some of his costs.

‘Totting up’ and driver disqualification avoided 

  • A driver faced disqualification from driving under the ‘totting up’ principle but with the early intervention and handling of the matter, Charlotte Hunt, was able to secure a speeding allegation being discontinued and driving licence retained.
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