Increasingly, farming clients are considering setting aside part of their holding for the generation of renewable energy.

Great Britain is committed to the use of renewables, and rural land can prove a sound and cost-effective location for wind farms and/or solar panel installations. Biomass facilities are also increasingly popular among farmers, sometimes in cooperation with a local Council.

The revenue from any of these can be a useful supplement to overall farming income, whilst at the same time contributing to the green agenda.

Across our integrated Agriculture team, our solicitors have the necessary expertise and experience to assist you in the complex set up of renewable energy installations, with regards to:

  • Land issues, including purchase and/or acquisition, and change of use
  • Regulatory considerations, including licensing
  • Planning and consent
  • Environmental and health and safety issues
  • Commercial considerations

The renewable energy market is complex and ever-changing, as are the rules and regulations that govern them.

We can provide information and advice whether you are just beginning your journey into the renewable energy market, or whether you’re already involved.

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