Rural diversification is the development of any activity which makes use of farm assets to generate additional income. Whether you are considering the conversion of former buildings to office space or turning open spaces into leisure activity arenas, Woodfines’ experienced agribusiness team can help you to develop your land or property operate at maximum capacity.

Woodfines’ team, based across the East of England and East Midlands, can help to put your diversification plans into action, from the development of an idea, to planning, regulatory considerations and notifications, dealing with contractors and tenants, and all other aspects of the rural diversification process.

Our team has experience in a number of diversification scenarios, including:

  • The development of redundant farm buildings to working office buildings for external tenants
  • Licensing for a new café at a visitor attraction on rural land
  • Purchase or conversion of land and buildings for equestrian activities
  • Development of wind farms and other alternative energy sources
  • Sporting rights, including fisheries
  • Woodlands
  • Concession leases and licences.

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If you would like to discuss opportunities for rural diversification on your farm property, please contact Charlotte Benjamin.

For licensing enquiries, please contact Mike Hayward.

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