All businesses face increasing competition in their respective markets.

As business owners you will have invested heavily over the years in your business to give it the leading edge over the competition. You will have provided your employees with training, given them access to increasingly sophisticated software tools and databases and paid for them to entertain existing and potential clients to consolidate and increase your market share.

The last thing any business owner wants to see is years of hard work obliterated at the click of a mouse by a rogue employee or team of employees downloading precious confidential information and taking it to the competition.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position where you have reason to suspect that an ex-employee or consultant is unlawfully competing with your business and/or has misappropriated your confidential information or is otherwise infringing your intellectual property, Woodfines have a team of lawyers, experienced and ready to react quickly to apply to court to obtain an injunction to stop unlawful competition and database theft thereby minimising the damage to your business.

An experienced legal team

We have specialists in each of our offices who are experienced and versed in securing urgent High Court injunctions to restrain unlawful competition, data theft and other infringements of intellectual property.

This includes experience in electronic investigations and disclosure which is vital for identifying, tracking down and collating evidence to support and form the basis of your claim and to present a compelling case to the guilty parties to encourage them to resolve issues without the need for court action.

Within the team are commercial lawyers who are able to consider the implications of the issue from a commercial perspective whether from a contractual duty point of view, Data Protection reporting obligations and other knock on consequences.

Tip of the iceberg?

Unfortunately, it does tend to be the case that where investigations are conducted to identify whether intellectual property or data has been stolen that it commonly exposes other wrongdoing.

The team is based in Bedford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes, and between them have a wealth of experience in obtaining High Court injunctions to restrain unlawful competition and infringement of intellectual property rights.

The team is well versed in electronic disclosure which is vital in tracking down and collating evidence to support your claim. It is not uncommon for those who steal data from an employer to misappropriate funds as well. Woodfines’ Crime and Regulatory team can assist in helping identify fraud and if the Police need to become involved, can help in liaising with the authorities.

Get in contact with our specialist legal team

Given the often sensitive nature of these matters we are happy to meet clients out of normal business hours. The team can be contacted at:

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