Coroner’s Inquests can be intimidating places for people involved in the Inquest process. Whether you are the family of the deceased person, or otherwise involved as an individual or organisation connected with the death, it is important to be legally represented to ensure that your needs and interests are protected, particularly if the other parties are legally represented.

The family of the deceased person will often want to ensure that a full and thorough investigation is carried out into the circumstances of the death. Individuals or organisations that are involved in the Inquest may wish to prevent conclusions of neglect or adverse findings of fact.

At Woodfines, we understand the sensitivities involved in all Inquests. Our specialist solicitors can provide expert support at an Inquest and any preliminary hearings, for both family members and individuals or organisations connected with the death.

We can assist by:

a) making contact with the Coroner’s office
b) providing preliminary advice on the available evidence
c) helping to prepare witness statements
d) obtaining second opinions from pathologists and other experts
e) representing you at the Inquest hearing before the Coroner, or the Coroner and the jury.

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