Health and safety law has teeth

Punishment for a breach in health and safety can include substantial, unlimited fines and even imprisonment for serious breaches.

Our specialist team of solicitors provide national coverage for health and safety law from our bases in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire.

Our objective is to protect you from enforcement action, and we will advise you on how to comply with health and safety legislation. We are also able to defend you or your company if faced with enforcement action or prosecution.


Our lawyers pride themselves on the provision of proactive and preventative advice to keep your business safely running. We recognise the damage an investigation or prosecution can cause to the reputation of your business and aim to provide useful and tailored advice to ensure full compliance.

Our team can draft your health and safety risk policies, give advice to your key personnel and above all, be there for you and your business should you need us.


Woodfines have extensive experience in dealing with health and safety breaches. We have represented clients in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Burning incidents in professional kitchens
  • Fairground ride incidents (operator, inspector and/or attendant)
  • Crane/fork lift accidents
  • Fatalities in distribution centres
  • Road transport – goods and passenger vehicle incidents
  • Roofing/scaffolding falls.

In each and every case, the Employer’s health and safety systems come under scrutiny. If failings are identified, the Company, its Directors and other key members of staff can be interviewed and deemed liable.

If you are visited by health and safety enforcement officers, you should seek our help as soon as possible. Our lawyers are specially trained in advanced enforcement interview practices.

We will work with you, and the enforcement officers, to ensure any alleged culpability is removed or limited and can advise and represent you and your business if your case goes further.

For further information, please contact regulatory specialist solicitor, Mike Hayward.

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