Brexit Panel: November 2018

At our Road Transport Conference in November 2018, our team hosted a lively Brexit-based panel discussion to assist the businesses present to identify any contingency areas that need addressing before the UK exits the EU.

The phrase most associated with Brexit remains true; “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”. However, the aim of this discussion was to get businesses thinking about what they need to consider within their own organisations and to try to provide some tips for what kind of contingency plans could be put in place in advance.

We have summarised the discussions which took place, and you can read them here.

As we confirmed at the conference, the answers provided are our best opinion made with information available in late 2018, and given that there remains no certainty about the Brexit deal, if any, or what the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union will look like. These are by no means definitive answers and are subject to change as we receive further guidance from the government.

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