We defend taxi drivers and operators across the country. Whether your licence has been revoked or suspended, or your application has been refused, we are here to help. Speak to us today for initial advice.

We can help whether you have a: 

  • Hackney Carriage taxi licence,
  • Private Hire driver licence, or both,
  • Operator’s licence.

We are here to protect your licence, whether as a driver or as an operator, and recognise that it is both your livelihood and your business.

We are able to represent you and advise on:

  • Strategy on investigation by a Licensing department, including advice pre-interview
  • All taxi licensing appeals, including those before Local Council taxi licensing sub-committees and the Magistrates Court
  • Representations pre-hearing, including alternative remedies
  • Disciplinary hearings before your local licensing sub-committee
  • Driving offences and protecting both your driving and taxi licence at both the Magistrates Court and the Licensing sub-committee
  • Disqualification from driving, and how to prevent it
  • Representations following DBS disclosure.

You must lodge a taxi licensing appeal at a Magistrates Court within 21 days of notification of a sanction by your local council. Failure to meet this deadline may result in your appeal being refused, so do not delay in seeking our advice.

It is essential you have legal advice at an early stage, if possible at the beginning of an investigation, or certainly following action by the Council.

The Licensing department of the Council will seek to defend their decision and challenge your appeal. They will be legally represented and so must you.

We are also members of the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) and the Institute of Licensing.

For further information or advice, please contact a member of our Road Transport team.

Examples of our support to Taxi Drivers & Operators:

  • Plying for Hire: Operator prosecuted by local County Council for Plying for Hire. Acquitted following trial at Magistrates Court. Our team successfully challenged the evidence of Licensing Officers and their interpretation of Council Policy.
  • Revoked Licence: Taxi driver was unrepresented at trial and convicted of assault, and as a result had his taxi licence revoked. The appeal was upheld at Luton Magistrates Court.
    We successfully argued that the Council had not correctly applied its own convictions policy and that our client was still a “fit and proper person”. The Council appealed to the Crown Court, but our team argued that the appeal was out of time and it was dismissed.
  • Revocation of Operators’ Licence: The Operator was in jeopardy of revocation of Operators’ Licence. Representations and undertakings were offered to the Council’s Licensing department and Taxi Licensing sub-committee, leading to no further action.
  • Plying for Hire & No Insurance: Driver was convicted of plying for hire and having no insurance, and disqualified from driving. There was a consideration that his taxi licence should also be revoked.
    We enabled a successful appeal to Cambridge Crown Court that disqualification would cause exceptional hardship and the disqualification was removed.
    We also provided representations to the taxi licensing sub-committee that revocation of the licence was disproportionate on the facts, and a two-week period of suspension was instead imposed.
  • Revocation of Operators’ Licence: Operators’ Licence revoked by Bedford Borough Council following conviction for permitting no insurance.
    The revocation was overturned following detailed representations coupled with mitigating factors and “special reasons” argument that the revocation was disproportionate.
  • Nathan Taylor-Allkins and Mike Hayward were instructed in the 2017 landmark High Court decision of Milton Keynes Council v Skyline Taxis.
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