Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney: Important, or irrelevant?

There is a common misconception that wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) aren’t all that important. We provide the facts to prove otherwise: Wills If you are married, everything will pass to your spouse. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Granted, while the majority of your estate may pass to your spouse eventually, […]

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Simultaneous Deaths - Who Inherits? | Woodfines Solicitors

An Update: Simultaneous Deaths – Who Inherits?

Our earlier article ‘Simultaneous Deaths – Who Inherits?’ explored the case of stepsisters disputing who should inherit the combined estates of their respective parents and the Commorientes Rule. The Commorientes Rule is not often applied in modern day cases, as advances in science and forensics have made it almost always possible to ascertain the time […]

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Commorientes Rule - Simultaneous Death - Woodfines Solicitors

Simultaneous Deaths – Who Inherits?

The High Court is currently considering an interesting case based on the Commorientes Rule. In October 2016, John Scarle (aged 79) and his wife, Ann Scarle (aged 69), died of hypothermia at their home. They each had a daughter from a previous relationship, and these surviving stepsisters, Anna Winter (daughter to John Scarle) and Deborah […]

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